Monday, April 01, 2013

God Is a Gift

"Without God's mercy, God's presence would have always been a place I was getting to but never arriving in. I once thought a little better sermon and a little more prayer would make heaven come down. I learned in the wilderness that heaven came down a long time ago in the Person of Jesus Christ." (p. 138)

"Christ is my dwelling, and the freedom He gives is different than we imagine." (p. 138)

"Only the person who knows she does not have God truly has God—this is the great lesson our weaknesses and shortcomings teach us. God allows them to be our companion in the wilderness to show us just how big grace is." (p.140)

I could quote on and on...much of my copy of Doug Reed's book is underlined and dog-eared for it's good stuff. God Is a Gift: Learning to Live in Grace was a blessing to read at the end of my Lenten journey. Interestingly enough I gave up 'instant doom's day' for Lent...I wanted to work on changing my outlook from a victim of circumstance to a liberated cooperator (since I am still growing through my liberation process with Christ). Back to business...

"The victors are those who see the gifts and live in it; they are not those who have the neatest house and the fewest dark rooms. They first step to overcoming is not trying to clean up the darkest room in the house. Rather, it is seeing that the Lord is just as present there as He is in the brightest room in the house."

Oh, my goodness, just applying this to our current family dynamic alone (with one depressed, one ADHD, one graduating toddler, an 'overworked' and an artistically moody) is liberating. God is present in each of us...I knew this! However, it is easy to forget when you see people suffering and want to start "fixin'" things to make them more presentable.

Reed's style is receivable because it's like a long walk on life's course with a soul friend. There is struggle, revelation, acceptance and love. I recommend it as an uplifting read about the grace that is available to all. I am thankful for it.

Please click on the link above to go to Reed's website and get more information about it, and also check out this link on Thorncrown Chapel, which I think is truly beautiful.