Thursday, March 07, 2013

For Easter 2013

A benediction for the people:

(click on the title for a link to a video from The Work of the People)

People! Come, see what’s new!
Breathe in a new day,
rising up, lightening the night­—
I AM giving life again!
Come out, and take in the air,
see that it is fresh and new and Spirit filled!
Death has died!
Wash the ash from your face,
rinse the burial dirt from your mouth—
life is the last word!
Stand to your feet, remove your shroud,
and step out of your tomb!

Leave Your hearts open to Mine,
And I will tend them with joy—
with the joy and abundance of My presence!
I will sustain you,
uphold you from My eternal source, always.

Go out with My blessing.
Love from My eternal stores.
Beautify all that You touch.
Encourage life when all seems lost…
Because the LIFE I give always has the last word,