Monday, December 17, 2012

Book Review: Water from an Ancient Well

I read through another Speakeasy book, Kenneth McIntosh's, Water from an Ancient Well: Celtic Spirituality for Modern Life, though, and it has been a wonderful companion through some challenging days. I mentioned to a friend of mine while reading her an excerpt from the book, that the book seems to meet me on the road and walk unexpected lengths with me when I am feeling alone. I can say with certainty, that during sittings with the book I knew without a doubt that God is not only present in my life but actively involved.

One thing I really appreciate about this Book, is all the references and excerpts. Stories from Saints of the past and modern-day experiences were comforting to me and gave me an opportunity to feel connected to the past while grounded in the present, and hopeful for the future. McIntosh does such a fantastic and gentle job of incorporating so many things that are becoming more and more accepted to current-day mystics that it is a great bridge to give to those who need help "seeing" what humans were always meant to see.

In the introduction it reads, "Like a Celtic knot, this book is meant to be enjoyed in a nonlinear fashion: you don't need to read the whole volume in sequential order..." which I find to be true, although there is a payoff for following his course from A to Z.

I am so thankful that God placed this book in my life. It is one of those you can pick up and feel encouraged and accompanied on your spiritual course, a companion that points to the God that is always present.

Blessings, Kelly